The MTB season kicks off in a few days and i'm already in Cyprus. I'll be racing the four day Afxentia Sunshinecup as season opener. The past days and weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster though. Similar to last year i had troubles in sustaining a high quality level in training. My performance was top one day and not worth much the other. Of course this is normal up to one point, but my experience says it's too unsteady. I had similar problems last year, but not until now i could really name what's going on. Luckily we are getting to the source of the problem and looking for solutions. It takes a while though to get an out-of-balance system into balance again. The stage race in Cyprus will provide some information on what's working and what's not and plans of action will be discussed and taken after this additional "benchmarking".

But as you know, every setback is an addittional opportunity for growth. And the season is just starting. Many more races to win to come.:) 

Verfasst am 23/02/2014 von Nathalie Schneitter